Sergey Akhunov – Sketch VII “in memory of Satie”


Anna Heller plays the original music by Russian-Ukrainian composer Sergey Akhunov. Sketch VII “in memory of Satie” from his album “Sketches”. More about Sergey and his music at his webpage Sergey Akhunov was born in Kiev in 1967. A graduate of the Kiev State Conservatory, Sergey started as an oboe player before moving on to other genres, including electronic music and Rock ‘n roll. He made a decisive break from this style of music in 2005 to exclusively concentrate on orchestral and chamber music. “It has taken me almost 40 years to understand what kind of music I really want to write,” Sergey says. His musical works include a wide range of compositions for chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras. His prizes and awards include the 1st International Classical Music Award “Pure Sound” for his “Victor Hugo’s Blank Page” (2019) and “White balance” Divertissement orchestra (2021), Gramophone critic’s choice for CD Maxim Rysanov “In Schubert’s Company” (2017), Ksenija Sidorova “Piazzolla reflections” (2021), a nomination for his CD “Sketches” in the prestigious International Classical Music Awards, 2017. Sergey Akhunov’s music is distributed by Fancymusic, Alfa classics, Melodya, Onyx and Glossa. Discover more exciting modern piano music with Moving Classics TV. 👉Spotify:… 👉Facebook:… 👉Webpage: 👉Twitter: 👉LinkedIn:… If you like my videos, please consider becoming a Patron to support video production: 👉 👉… 👉… Learn to play piano, or improve your skills with Flowkey! 👉