Ruslan Denshaev – Homage to John Cage – Teddy


Collecting expressions and emotions of today and transferring them into a meaningful and inspiring piano composition – this is the goal of the 21 year old Russian composer Ruslan Denshaev. With his minimalistic music he wants to create a bridge between people’s mindset and harmony. A piano piece full of empathy and curiosity.

Ruslan about his composition: it is all about minimalism, the heart sutra and J. D. Salinger:
“This piece is an homage to John Cage (who was interested in Zen). The rhythm is based upon the rhythm of mantra from the Heart Sutra. The title refers to one of the ‘Nine Stories’ by J. D. Salinger, which is about a young boy and some of Zen concepts.” The Sutra famously states, “Form is empty, emptiness is form.”

You can get the music score here:

Here is more about the composer

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