Poetic Variations in c minor – Sally Wave – Lost


Anna Sutyagina is playing the selected variations from the modern poetic piano cycle op 19 Variations “Lost” in c minor by Sally Wave, London-based recitalist, educator and composer.

The Variations “Lost” (Verloren)
Theme – Dialogue with yourself (Dialog mit dir selbs) 0:00 – 00.45
Var. 1 – Let it flow -(Lass es fließen) 00:46 – 2:19
Var. 5 – As the river riches the water-lily lake – (Als der Fluss den Liliensee erreicht) 2:25 – 5:16

Here is a music https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/die-variationen-verloren-lost-op19-in-c-minor-digital-sheet-music/21721178
Piano Solo – Intermediate
21st Century, Contemporary Classical, Repertoire, Latin, European

Read more about this amazing composer here: https://movingclassics.tv/classicpeople/sally-wave/, here is an interview with Sally where she describes her music and her creative process.

Foto credit: Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

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