New Age Contemporary Piano – Carol Comune – Reflections

Anna Sutyagina plays original piano music by American Composer and Pianist Carole Comune.
Reflections – thinking back in life and remembering the moments of joy, love and fear. With her new age piano composition “Reflections” the American composer Carol Comune invites you to bring back the deep-rooted memories. Carol has dedicated the contemplative and emotional new piano piece to her mother.
“New Age Contemporary …lyrical and sensitive for the Intermediate to advance levels. “Reflections,” a piece that I would call an early-advanced playing level. It is four pages long, with a bit more than half of the piece in the key of Bb (2 flats); it then goes into B major (5 sharps). The music is notated clearly … a few chords have a reach of more than an octave, but only a few. It’s a lovely piece and very enjoyable to play.”
Piano Review: Kathy Parsons
Read more about Carol in her interview:
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