Modern Piano – Goetz Oestlind – Omniel


Anna Sutyagina plays the original composition by Goetz Oestlind “Omniel” . Goetz about his work: “Archangel Omniel is the Angel of Oneness. He balances both poles, the female and the male one, and leads us into unity by using healing power with his opal transformation energy. My composition begins with slow chords alternating between Major and Minor, representing Omniel’s stabilizing quality, keeping everything in balance. His transformation character is audible in the following melody in triplets, which in turn generates balance. I associate with Omniel that the first compositional idea is always the right one, and that I don‘t have to think about an alternate main theme. The first idea emanates from the heart; all following ones originate from the head.” Read more about Goetz Oestlind