Modern piano composer: Ratko Delorko – PAS DE DEUX. ENTRÉE OF MARINA AND HER ADAGIO


Anna Sutyagina plays „SILVER SAND & SILVER LAND – Tracks and Insights of the Penguin“ the ‘Pas de Deux. Entrée of Marina and her adagio. Read more about German composer Ratko Delorko Moving Classics TV is a popular curated discovery channel for new piano music.

Ratko Delorko (1959): Aus SILBERSAND & SILBERLAND
Wege und Einsichten des Pinguins
Endlich! Marina und der Pinguin begegnen sich ungestört und es entwickelt sich ein Pas de deux. Ein ungleiches, aber besonderes Paar. Von weitem schaut der Mondhund zu und passt gut auf.

Ratko Delorko (1959): From SILVERSAND and SILVERLAND
Tracks and Insights of the Penguin
Finally Marina and the penguin meet undisturbed. A pas de deux evolves. They are a dissimilar but very special couple. They are guarded by the Moondog, a sentinel from afar.
This is the full story.
The penguin’s path over the Silver Sand has been inspired by a penguin created by Romero Britto. This larger-than-life penguin was painted jointly by Romero Britto and German students in Witten/Germany and later sent on its journey.
The penguin personifies all of us who are curious, who want to treat our environment and our children in a responsible way, and who aspire to keep a healthy portion of simplicity in our lives.
Our Penguin seeks harmony, but he is not a yes-man. He is clever but not devious. He may not be rich but he is valuable. He is curious but is not a spy. He doesn’t pretend to be someone he is not, because he is only good at being himself. He loves to learn, but he is no grind. He has the gift to be simple, but he is not primitive. He is attentive but not anxious. He may not be proud of some of the things he did in the past, but he is proud of who he is today and will be tomorrow. He has a high potential to find a solution to a problem and swims smoothly around the rocks of life. In short – most people like him.
His problem: Some people confuse his good-naturedness with dullness. His solution: Locate the Platinum Third in the Silver Sand and bring harmony back into balance.
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