Markus Schimpp – Yearning For Silence Nr. 1


Anna Heller plays the first composition from the piano cycle “Yearning For Silence” by German composer Markus Schimpp. “33 approximations to silence” is how Markus Schimpp describes the collection of piano miniatures recorded here. The catalyst and starting point for this composition was his relationship to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. On this disc, Schimpp seeks out quiet moments, experimenting with simple harmonies and contemplative repetitions – silent music as a counterbalance to the daily onslaught of media overstimulation. Markus Schimpp was born in Augsburg in 1964. After earning a degree at the Leopold-Mozart-Konservatorium there, he set out on an unusual career path. Today he works as a cabaret pianist, singer, host, and composer in Bonn.

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