Mailyn Rebecca Henseler – Two Stars Colliding


Anna Sutyagina plays the original composition by Mailyn Rebecca Henseler “Two stars colliding” (first version) Mailyn about her piano composition: “As I have written a series of piano schools based on applied brain function in learning the piano, I have composed many pieces on a pedagogical background. „Two stars colliding“ although is totally different. It is my favourite piece which I composed and with this piece I started composing to express myself. Maybe this piece also saved my life. It was born within only 3 days during maybe the toughest time of my life. It has been the dearest of my pieces until now. With „Two stars colliding“ I tell the story when two souls meet, „collide“ and really everything changes. Nothing stays the same and both of them know it. They know that the rules for their lives have changed irreversibly and the solid orbit, where life took place before, has just dissolved into stardust before their eyes. Its feels like dying and being born at the same time.”

Read an interview with Mailyn here: 👉

Sheet music available soon here: 👉