Leon Gurvitch – “Remember me”


Leon Gurvitch wrote “Remember me” in 2013. His great model in jazz music is Keith Jarrett, whose influences can be sensed here. He composed the melody very fast and then added some improvisations to it. This music gives you the feeling that it is the product of spontaneous creation here and now. This composition has been published by Boosey & Hawkes “Poetic Whispers” selected works for piano by Leon Gurvitch http://www.boosey.com/cr/music/Leon-Gurvitch-Poetic-Whispers/103939?fbclid=IwAR3PJrEcP9dNtNC6w5ZOyZgs2sEjUC45h20GvNrpLH3mAXqSp9C3RpIpAXk