Kris Lennox – On The Edge Of Infinity


Here’s a short piece I wrote in 2013 in the key of F#m. The work is structured around interstitial prime numbers. The ‘challenge’ to myself was to write a highly melodic work in a time signature of 17/16: to make such an odd time signature sound accessible – and musical. Think of this work as 5-5-7 (i.e. primes within primes: 17 is subdivided into three groups of primes – with 3 groupings itself being prime). Here is the tree structure taken to its end point: 17: 3: 5/5/7: 2/2/1 2/2/1 2/2/2/1


the extent of my obsession with deeply embedded structures (structures within structures) becomes apparent when looking at the title and realising it is also prime-based: 5 words long, 19 letters in total. If we go crypto and use a ‘letter number’ cipher (i.e. A=1, B=2 etc), the total letter count of the title minus the number of letters themselves = 191 (210-19), which is a nice Eisenstein prime/palindromic prime/Sophie Germain prime/Gaussian prime etc :))