Kitsch Music II – Valentin Silvestrov


Anna Sutyagina plays Kitsch Music II – Valentin Silvestrov, 5 piano pieces

Китч-музыка, 5 пьес для фортепиано (1977) Сильвестров

Music should be so transparent that one can see the bottom and that poetry shimmers through this transparency. (Valentin Silvestrov)

Valentin Silvestrov (1937) is a Ukrainian composer of contemporary classical music, increasingly regarded as one of the finest composers of his generation.Using traditional tonal and modal techniques, Silvestrov creates a unique and delicate tapestry of dramatic and emotional textures, qualities which Silvestrov suggests are otherwise sacrificed in much of contemporary music. – this is an official composer’s channel with home archive recordings of Valentin Silvestrov playing.

This is Youtube Channel of composer that offers insight into his works:

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