Kevin D Cornwell – Nocturne No 9 Opus 4


“Nocturne No. 9 begins and ends with reverie. The gentle sigh of what has been, and of what remains to be seen. Such a reverie plays back the drama, heartache, and emotional turmoil of the human condition. Joy expressed, pain endured. Love gained, love lost. The unpredictable chaos of a turbulent flash flood begins and ends with the gentle flow of a creek. So goes life, and so goes Nocturne No. 9”
Anna Heller plays the original music by Kevin D. Cornwell.

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“The steady beat of our mother’s heart becomes our essence. A nurtured beauty that calls us out of the harsh jangling of modern life. Beautiful music defies the chaos of our world and echoes the solace of those heart-rhythms. Nocturne No. 9 is a cry that leads back to that essence of beauty.”

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