Jean-Christophe Rosaz – A l’ombre du baobab


Anna Sutyagina plays the original composition “A l’ombre du baobab” (In the shadows of baobab) by French composer Jean-Christophe Rosaz The sound of church bells is music! Have you ever been mindful and curious of these sounds in your daily life? Here some curious facts: The bells communicate the time but can also be a call to pray, the arrival of visitors or be used as a warning. If the number of bells reaches at least 23 tuned bells it becomes a full instrument, called Carillon. The characteristics of the bells are their sounding overtones. Once the bell is struck, the bell is resonating, and you hear only overtones. The bells are all cast individually and therefore the sound would vary from rich warm to very full and bright. To produce a melody, the different bells are played serially or together as a chord. The bells are a big inspiration for composers. There is a long tradition of pieces for piano that imitate the bells. I got fascinated by such a composition and would like to share with you the piece of French composer Jean-Christophe Rosaz “In the shadow of the Baobab”. It would be great if this piano composition will make you appreciate the beauty of the sounds of church bells.