I wait for you – Frank Horvat


From the 2017 album of neo-romantic chamber music, Me to We, featuring the works of Canadian composer, Frank Horvat.


Inspired by the idea of a person who yearns to have someone to love and share their life with. It is the only thing on their mind. They feel an emptiness within the depths of their soul but they always remain optimistic that that special someone will be by their side soon. Performances of this work should very much be in a romantic style. The interplay between the violin and cello melodies with “molto espressivo” is the key to musically portraying our protagonist in this melancholy and sentimental light. I Wait For You is a composition that was originally composed for soprano, cello and piano. For one reason or another, I could never get the main melody part to work with words, so I replaced the soprano with a violin…and here we are. – Frank Horvat

PERFORMERS: Edwin Huizinga (violin) Erika Nielsen (cello) Gregory Millar (piano)