Gaby Kapps Waltz for Solo Piano ‘A Misty Afternoon’ in E minor


Anna Heller plays the original music by  @Gaby Kapps Composer Maria Gabriella Cappelletti  Waltz for Solo Piano ‘A Misty Afternoon’ in E minor.

Wistful and Pensive, from the set of 3 Waltzes for Solo Piano.

Gaby about her creation: “My Waltz, ‘A Misty Afternoon’, is intended to be a reflective and moody piece, similar to an afternoon walk in the silence of a misty Vale. Expressive and minimal, it wants to depict intimacy, interior thoughts and reflections, while slowly meandering in a solitary place. More than a Waltz, it is a prelude of sorts, in ternary time, with great focus on dense harmonies.”

Read more about Gaby in her interview here: 👉

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