Contemplative Piano Music Anne Trenning Fade to Blue


“Fade To Blue” is a contemplative solo piano piece by Anne Trenning which captures something special. The musical narrative intones a light breeze with a touch of melancholy. Anna Sutyagina is playing the original composition and is exploring melodic nostalgia. Anne Trenning about her modern piano composition: “Fade To Blue is a free form melody meant to evoke the idea of floating through time and space. Bobbing through life above the fray watching things unfold in the magical way they will. Life is such a mystery and the most we can do is hang on and participate as fully as possible in the ride. This melody evokes peacefulness, the warmth of sunshine, the changes in seasons and the melancholy of existence. It reflects on simplicity and how the simple things in life are the greatest joys. Music and hope walk hand in hand and “Fade To Blue” is about how the river of this symbiosis carries us all into the great blue beyond” Photo by Sébastien Goldberg on Unsplash Discover more new exciting & relaxing piano music with Moving Classics TV – curated discovery place.