Chris Hill – The Grey Area – Modern Piano Solo


“The Grey Area represents the feeling of being neither happy nor sad, but conveying an emotion that is also both. For me personally, it represents a time in my life where I had a multitude of choices to make, and I couldn’t decide where I wanted my life to go. I had some bad things happening, but I had some really good things happening at the same time. During that time, I was really confused with my emotions and while writing this piece, I was able to find comfort and make sense of those muddled feelings. Each section is a different decision I had to make; each one with its ups and downs. The outcome ended up being something that reminds me of how far I’ve come in my life, and gives me hope for the future. I hope that while listening, and reading what this piece means to me, that you may also find some peace in these difficult times.” – composer about his creation.

Anna Sutyagina plays modern piano composition by Chris Hill “The Grey Area” New age ish piano solo made with minimalist inspiration.
If you like to play it, here is a link