Calm Piano – Starlight Reflections – Jane Leslie


Anna Sutyagina plays calm piano composition Starlight Reflection. Jane Leslie is a gifted composer and musician who has created music that will calm and uplift you as well as capture your heart. Read more about Jane here:

Reflections of the pianist: “The new year 2021 starts with a hope, but it is still overshadowed by uncertainty. While sitting at my piano and playing the composition “Starlight Reflections” by Jane Leslie, I am thinking, inspired by the title of the piece, about looking beyond the horizon in the universe full with shinning stars. It helps me to overcome the current tough times of being a pianist and getting back the colorful imagination of a life without restrictions. I would like to invite you to enjoy the music and join me in enveloping great new ideas for 2021. Let’s bring colour to what sometimes seems black and white. ”

Photo: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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