Maxime Raynal

Pianist - Arranger - Composer




It was by chopin that I entered the world of classical music

Romantic and dreamy musician



What does music mean to you personally?

First music is my life. Music is the purest form of expression between the soul and the heart

Do you agree that music is all about fantasy?

Yes, it takes fantasy to listen and to create it. It is a form of freedom

If you were not a professional musician, would would you have been?

Probably a poet

The classical music audience is getting old, are you worried about your future?

Yes and I think that the role of each musician is to demonstrate in what it is magic

What do you envision the role of classical music to be in the 21 century? Do you see that there is a transformation of this role?

In an uncertain century, classical music should play a major role in reassuring people and conveying hope

Do you think that the classical musician today needs to be more creative? Whats the role of creativity in the musical process for you?

Yes I think it must be creative without breaking with what makes the essence of music. Dissonance and chaos excite because harmony and order also exist. Do not forget to speak first to the soul then speak to the brain.

Do you think we musicians can do something to attract young generation into the classical music concerts? How will you proceed?

Use a common gateway between the younger generation and the classical generation. For example, putting music on the piano pieces of video games like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Castelvani, Wow ...

Tell us about your creative process. Do you have your favourite piece (written by you) How did you start working on it?

The creative process remains a mystery. I believe that emotions are accumulated during life experiences and that they then emerge in a large spontaneous and disorderly spray. Then we have to put things in order to write. My favorite piece remains my piece of music with my two pianos with low lighting with small lamps and some scented candles.

We, Moving Classics TV, love the combination of classical music with different disciplines: music and painting, music and cinematography, music and digital art, music and poetry. What do you think about these combinations?

I love these combinations and I have always explored these mixes. First of all poetry and music with Baudelaire and Verlaine, then music and painting with the planets then music and image or video.

Can you give some advice for young people who want to discover classical music for themselves?

Again, find the right front door. You do not have to start with Baroque music and Bach. Use classical music that they would have heard in a film or an advertisement and start to reveal little things about their life, to make them discover other music. Then show them who inspired them in turn. For example one can use the music of Star Wars by John Williams that everyone knows and explain that Georges Lucas wanted him to be inspired by musician like Gustav Holst or Richard Wagner and to make discover them.

Now it is a common practice in the media to talk that the classical music is getting into the consumption business, do you agree? We are speaking about the supply and demand rules and how to sell your “product” in your case your compositions. How do you see it?

That's not what I prefer, but I do not think we can avoid that.

Do you have expectations what regards your listeners, your audience?

Just be open-minded, curious and caring

What projects are coming up? Do you experiment in your projects?

I'm creating a repertory of my compositions so that I can play them in concert at a music festival. I also have to record an album in August with also my compositions