Jonathan Ostlund





Jonathan Ostlund received his BA and MA in Composition at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, and has studied under the artistic guidance of Prof. Rolf Martinsson, Prof. Jan Sandstrom and Prof. Sverker Jullander. He has completed approx. 80 works so far; including several orchestral pieces, and a Piano Concerto to be premiered in the near future. Among his achievements is the selection and participation with several works in the London Schubert Players Invitation to Composers project; an international composition competition, which resulted in CD-releases, work publications and public performances in the U.K., France and Romania throughout 2010 and 2011. In 2012 he was Finalist of the Oslo Grieg Festival and won the Public Choice Award with the Sonata for Cello & Piano; Night-struck, premiered by Alexander Zagorinsky and Einar Steen-Nokleberg, and was awarded First Prize in the Leicester Symphony Orchestra Composer Composition with his Celebration Fanfare & Procession, which was premiered during the orchestra's 90th Season Gala. In 2013 Reve et Lune and Lumiere dEtoiles received their World Premiere in the U.K., followed by a French Premiere of the latter piece. That same year he was selected as Finalist in the Composer Competition of the Festival Mondial De LImage Sous-Marine. The year 2014 brought the music of Jonathan Ostlund to the Cadogan Hall stage with Lumieres, a rich programme incorporating 10 pieces in various constellations for flute, piano and string quartet, under the interpretation of Eleonore Pameijer, Blandine Waldmann and the Cellini Quartet, and later that year Night-struck was performed again by Alexander Zagorinsky and Einar Steen-Nokleberg during the Moscow International Contemporary Music Autumn Festival. In January 2016 the double CD Lunaris, presenting 31 tracks of Jonathan's chamber music works, is released under Divine Art records.

Composing new music upon request