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Calm and Relaxing Instrumental Christmas Music
New piano music release

Multi-award-winning film composer and former concert violinist, Ros Gilman, releases new single “Falling Snow” aimed for the festive season. „Falling Snow“ is a calm and gentle piece for solo piano, with a positive and “wintery” feel, which aims to

publish November 24, 2020 244
Neo-romantic piano: Vincenzo Napoli - Richiamo al passato
Neo-romantic piano: Vincenzo Napoli – Richiamo al passato

I would like to invite you to join Italian composer Vincenzo Napoli with his “Richiamo al passato – Call to the past”. The touch of nostalgia in the world of modern piano music. Read more about Vincenzo in his insightful interview here: https

publish November 9, 2020 677
helene Sauter
what do modern audiences expect from composers of today?

When asked why they compose, most composers would say, I want to express myself. They want to express something that they cannot put into words, it is a part of their identity and a way to communicate with the world. Despite the prevalence of marketing, it doe

publish October 26, 2020 371
moving classics hands
Hard Work vs Talent

I stumbled across one thought provoking sentence in the book that I am currently reading. It is „The Serendipity Mindset – The art and science of creating good luck“ by Dr. Christian Busch. As the title says it, it is a method to turn the serendipitous m

publish October 21, 2020 579
João Cândido Dovicchi
Homage to Ennio Morricone

The first Composition of Ennio Morricone that grabbed my attention was Gabriel’s Oboe. I love this simple, honest and soaring melody. Ennio Morricone has his own language with emotional fortitude and deep Italian film tradition. The Brazilian composer Joao D

publish October 13, 2020 428
Thoughts about playing new music

I have been often asked why I play new freshly composed works by living composers of today. This is all about the joy of discovery. I love the idea of zeitgeisty music – it is the living music put into life by the composers of my times. We share the same

publish September 1, 2020 3236
Summer Piano - Osmar Estuardo Meliá Griffith - Acuarelas
Top 40 Piano Blogs

Happy to be included in Top 40 Piano Blogs. Here you can find Top 40 Piano Websites, Blogs & Influencers in 2020, from teaching piano to performance tips and new piano music.

publish August 25, 2020 713
Nikolai Kapustin - 24 Preludes in Jazz Style op. 53 - Nr. 5 lento
Contemporary feelings?

Last weekend I visited the art exhibition „Feelings“ in the „Pinakotek der Moderne, Munich.“ The idea behind this exhibition was to intuitively approach art from an emotional perspective. The curators wanted to find out to what extent does our view of

publish August 25, 2020 468
Piano Discovery Hour

Who is not at heart a globe-trotter? Are we not all fascinated by different countries? A musical portrayal of some of the interesting things composers saw on their travels, a tonal description of the impressions and emotions they had awakened. For all piano mu

publish May 14, 2020 1031
Piotr Wiese
Piotr Wiese talks about music

I have asked myself – What is music? Music is the sound. – This answer had come to me very quickly but right after another question arose – What determines that particular sound could be called music and Why we do not say “this is music

publish January 21, 2020 1863
Zephyr Neil Cowley
Newest release in Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon, Apple Music

Modern romantic composition „Zephyr“ by a British contemporary jazz pianist and composer Neil Cowley. „Zephyr“ is inspired by the Greek god of the west wind: the gentlest of the winds, the fructifying wind, the messenger of spring and flowers. The musi

publish September 8, 2019 2202
Inspiration: Myth or Reality

I was always fascinated about the mystery of inspiration. What is behind this phenomenon? Is there a trigger for inspiration?

publish February 6, 2019 2544

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