“Rain” by Dax Johnson


Beautiful piano music


An excerpt from an tribute to Dax from one of his dear friends and fellow pianist David Nevue


“I first saw Dax around nine or ten years ago. He was playing an old out-of-tune upright piano at a street market in Portland, Oregon. I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this guy? He’s amazing…”

And he truly was. He had an irresistible charisma. If you just stood there watching him play, you were drawn into him. His music was hypnotic, as was the way he moved at the piano. His body was constantly fluid, always moving, weaving, never stopping – riding the emotional wave of his very unique compositions. He was ONE with the instrument, like no one else I had seen before. And his “look” was also unusual for a piano player – he had long, straight black hair, an unshaven face, black street clothes and tattoos. You’d never guess he was a composer for solo piano. He looked far more “heavy metal” than “classical.”