Ross James Carey – One day in spring


Anna Heller plays the original music by Ross James “One day in spring”.

‘One day in spring’ – a piece for piano in three parts was composed in Xinzheng, Henan province, China between 27 April and 1 May 2018. It is the first of a series of 12 pieces for piano solo, also titled ‘One day in spring’, taking it’s name from this initial work. In this set of pieces my focus was primarily on the beauty of the melodic line, while exploring a variety of approaches to the questions of form and tonality. Many of the pieces are programmatic, acting as markers of people and events in the composer’s life between the months of March and June 2018.

Ross James Carey is a composer and pianist. Born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, Ross is currently a foreign professor at Sias University in Xinzheng, Henan, China, where his main activities are as a collaborative pianist. Ross’s compositions cover a variety of genres and styles with the pieces in this collection ‘One day in spring’ representative of his interest in combining ‘classical’ and jazz.

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