Ricardo Esteban – Piece for piano G


Anna Sutyagina plays modern piano music by Ricardo Esteban “Piece for piano G”

Composer about his music: “When I composed my Piece for Piano G, all started when I was walking on the street, I suddenly “received” this melody, the start of it. It was a very sad melody in my mind, and as soon I arrived to my home I turned my piano on and I started playing it. It was summer and sunny, but the spirit of the piece was not. I decided that the best way to represent this sad emotion was using progressions which go in the opposite direction than usual, to the left in the most sentimental moment. Then I decided to contrast the main idea with a more optimistic section. The goal was to represent the idea that every situation, no matter how sad it could be, comes with some hope and optimism, right after it, soon or later. I got inspiration and influence from Chopin and film music. As all my music, it always comes from emotions, images and thoughts that usually cannot be described with words”.

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