Mysterious Piano Music: Fabricio Gatta – La Luz Mala


Anna Sutyagina plays the original composition by Fabricio Gatta. The work has been inspired by Argentine myths and legends.

Fabricio about his composition: “La Luz Mala (the bad light) is part of the mythology of Argentina. Bad light, also known as “lantern de mandinga” or “lantern of the devil”. It is said that when someone goes through the field at night they can meet Luz Mala, which is a light that suddenly appears in the middle of nowhere. Scientifically it is a fierce fire, “the inflammation of certain materials that rise from rotting animal or plant substances, which form small flames that are seen to fly through the air especially in swamps or cemeteries”

Another explanation is the result of the reflection of the moonlight on the bones of animals, such as dead cows in the field. Then in the deep darkness of the night in rural areas it is interpreted by people as something supernatural. The country man has the belief that it is a soul in pain of an abandoned deceased, who emerges into the world of the living claiming revenge. According to the tradition for August 24 (St. Bartholomew’s Day), these lights are brighter because of the presence of the Devil himself who attracts the souls in grief that did not purge their faults and then they are condemned to remain on earth as punishment. On one of my trips to La Rioja, in northern Argentina, I met locals who talked about this famous legend, which inspired me to represent it in this work.”


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