Zhang Zhao

Chinese composer, professor and postgraduate tutor of Minzu




Zhang Zhao, born in Yunnan province in 1964, is a famous Chinese composer, professor and postgraduate tutor of Minzu University of China College of Music. He is a member of Musician’s Association of North America, Beijng Musician’s Association and also the first Chinese composer ever been selected in ABRSM. Zhang’s works are highly acclaimed in Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries, with scores and CDs published in Germany, Britain and Switzerland. His main works include: Piano Concerto Ailao Rhapsody, string quartet Totem, piano music Pi Huang, Jingpo Mountain Song, Erhu Concerto Sun Sacrifice, dance drama Prairie Memory, Three folk songs of south Yunnan, chorus Spring is coming and piano works Chinese Melody. He is also the composer and music director for Li Yundi’s album Red Piano, musical Gan Mo A Niu, Magic Wonderland, dance poetry Bronze Drum, Cloud Top Flying Songs, TV drama The Male Phoenix Pursue, Dongfang Shuo and The Magic Lotus Lantern.