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Is listening to music healthy?

What recent scientific studies tell us about the effects of listening to music

publish October 16, 2017 254
Understanding Music through Language?

How native language can influence musical compositions and if we need the knowledge about the language, e.g. German, in order to understand Mozart or Haydn?

publish October 9, 2017 310
“Airing” the mind – More Creativity Through Leisure Time!

Blog about the silence, fresh air, leisure activities and why they are so important

publish October 6, 2017 384
The rise and fall of classical music

Essay about the rise and fall of classical music based on the examples of China and Russia

publish March 9, 2017 507
INITIATIVE: “Fantasy Notes” – Contemporary Piano at Moving Classics TV 2017/2018

Blog about our new project devoted to contemporary piano music

publish February 4, 2017 744

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