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Meet YouTube Channel Leuvre

As a kid I was always tapping and making sounds on every object in the house. Unfortunately I didn’t have musical instruments around me. It was only when I went to high school and played the school’s drum kit, that I knew that this was my Instrume

publish March 14, 2021 1661
Piano Learning Queries Beginners Might Have Before Getting Started

This post is about addressing some of the most common questions and doubts people have in their minds who want to learn piano. These people are first looking for answers to these general basic questions and that is why they search for these questions before ge

publish February 5, 2021 1700
satie obsessions
Call for Composers “Satie Obsessions” 2021

References: Satie Obsessions: Variations on a Theme by Erik Satie, Gymnopédie No. 2 (2020) Satie Obsessions Blog:

publish January 26, 2021 4498
Proofplaying and Creation of New Piano Music
Episode #3 Curation and Algorithms

This is a transcript: Hello and welcome to the podcast “Reflections of a Pianist”. My name is Anna, i am a pianist and founder of Moving Classics TV – curated internet plat

publish January 12, 2021 1417
Dancing snowflakes
Dancing Snowflakes

On the Russian Orthodox Christmas  I would like to release my new recording of Romanian composer Serban Nichifor whom I treasure. I had an honor to perform with him Russian music for Cello and piano in Bukarest in December 2019 and his Anna Karenina piano

publish January 7, 2021 1329
Proofplaying and Creation of New Piano Music
„Reflections of a Pianist“ Podcast by Anna Sutyagina, Moving Classics Episode #2 Proofplaying and creation of new piano music

As the founder of MOVING CLASSICS, the Internet channel for modern piano music, I ask myself what my listeners are interested in, and if there are new trends? In the last years the amount of new piano compositions grew substantially. You can follow this develo

publish December 28, 2020 1273
„Reflections of a Pianist“ Podcast by Anna Sutyagina, Moving Classics
New Podcast Series “Reflections of a Pianist”

Episode  #1 „What would Heinrich say?“ As the founder of MOVING CLASSICS, the Internet channel for modern piano music, I often wonder what Heinrich Marschner would have thought about such a channel in his times. You do not know Heinrich Marschner? Wel

publish December 11, 2020 982
Calm and Relaxing Instrumental Christmas Music
New piano music release

Multi-award-winning film composer and former concert violinist, Ros Gilman, releases new single “Falling Snow” aimed for the festive season. „Falling Snow“ is a calm and gentle piece for solo piano, with a positive and “wintery” feel, which aims to

publish November 24, 2020 1734
Neo-romantic piano: Vincenzo Napoli - Richiamo al passato
Neo-romantic piano: Vincenzo Napoli – Richiamo al passato

I would like to invite you to join Italian composer Vincenzo Napoli with his “Richiamo al passato – Call to the past”. The touch of nostalgia in the world of modern piano music. Read more about Vincenzo in his insightful interview here: https

publish November 9, 2020 1746
helene Sauter
what do modern audiences expect from composers of today?

When asked why they compose, most composers would say, I want to express myself. They want to express something that they cannot put into words, it is a part of their identity and a way to communicate with the world. Despite the prevalence of marketing, it doe

publish October 26, 2020 1105
moving classics hands
Hard Work vs Talent

I stumbled across one thought provoking sentence in the book that I am currently reading. It is „The Serendipity Mindset – The art and science of creating good luck“ by Dr. Christian Busch. As the title says it, it is a method to turn the serendipitous m

publish October 21, 2020 1632
João Cândido Dovicchi
Homage to Ennio Morricone

The first Composition of Ennio Morricone that grabbed my attention was Gabriel’s Oboe. I love this simple, honest and soaring melody. Ennio Morricone has his own language with emotional fortitude and deep Italian film tradition. The Brazilian composer Joao D

publish October 13, 2020 1266

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