THEME FOR ROHAN by Chance Thomas


For those who love the Lord of the Rings as literature, this theme is for you. I’ve tried to capture the essence of Rohan in this music, as expressed in Tolkien’s writings. And for fans of the game, Lord of the Rings Online, this video is especially for you. I composed this theme for Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, based on inspiration gleaned from researching Tolkien’s writings and Rohan’s Old English, Anglo-Saxon origins. The melody moves on hooks of appoggiatura, so prevalent in Old English music. Celtic Fiddle, Penny Whistle, Bass Recorder and Uillean Pipes – all of these colors come from Northwestern Europe of centuries past, contemporary to the rise of Anglo-Saxon culture. Beyond the cultural resonance, I have tried to convey something about the people of Rohan in this theme. Hardy people, individual and family tenderness, triumph and tragedy, crops and kinships, determined men and women, though wary and weary. Nobility, hope, sadness and uncertainty. As the theme approaches its apex, there is a triumphant modulation toward ultimate victory. And yet the resolve, though major, is a weak resolve (adding even a suspension to the chord) leaving a fragile uncertainty hanging in the air.