“Romanza” by Marco Mandurrino


New – Inspiring – Beautiful “Romanza per pianoforte in La bemolle maggiore, sopra un tema di Franz Liszt” Composer: Marco Mandurrino

Born in 1984, Marco Mandurrino has always carried out his greatest passions: make Music and devote himself to Science. He attended the Conservatory “G. Verdi”​ in Turin in the Composition class by M° Gianni Possio and, since 2005, his professional career is still active as Composer, Pianist and Conductor, collaborating with famous musicians and instumental groups. Among his major acitivities and productions are worth noting: – the 2-acts-opera Il Frutto Rapito, (“curious and intriguing”​, La Stampa, Turin) written at the age of 22 and put on stage for the first time in 2010; – the set-up of a ballet both as conductor and co-author of original musics performed in collaboration with the National Dance Academy of Rome; – the participation as composer to the opening concert for the “XX Fiera Internazionale del Libro”​ in Turin; – several performances with prestigious artists as – an example among all – in the recent charity event for the Williams Syndrome organized in 2013 and repeated in 2014 in which he conducted the pianist Eliana Grasso and the Magister Harmoniae Orchestra in the “Jeunehomme”​ Mozart’s piano concert; – first performance of “Anime”, by the Fanfare of the Brigata Alpina Taurinense (Jan 2016). In 2009 he graduated in Physics at University of Turin (in the field of physical modeling applied to diagnostics), then he continued his education towards a scientific-technological curriculum in the ICT framework at the Politecnico of the same city, which leaded him to a MSc degree in Physical Engineering in 2013 (109/110) with a thesis about physical computation of quantum-mechanical processes in semiconductor IR detectors. His research activity has been mainly devoted to the study and modeling of quantum tunneling in semiconductor nanostructures and its correlation with crystal defects while actually, as Postdoctoral Researcher at INFN in Turin, he is focused on development and optimization of particle detectors designed for CERN accelerator.