Nimrod Borenstein: “Reminiscences of Childhood” opus 54


Nimrod Borenstein (Hebrew: נמרוד בורנשטיין‎; born 1969) is a British- French- Israeli composer whose music is widely performed throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. His works are becoming part of the repertoire of many ensembles and orchestras.
“Reminiscences of Childhood” opus 54 was written in 2012 and premiered by Pascal Amoyel at the It’s all about piano Festival in London (UK) on the 6th of April 2014. The composition is a set of three contrasted pieces entitled Lucilla’s beehive, Uchti-Tuchti and The melancholic mobile. These pieces offer three different ways of looking at childhood: the first piece focuses on the innocence and beauty of childhood; the second, fast scherzo-like piece, is about playfulness; the last highly dramatic third piece is written as if we were looking at childhood in our old age, with regrets and sorrow but also peace and acceptance.
The three pieces can either be performed separately or as a cycle.
Nimrod Borenstein