“Leaves of Gold” – Lord of the Rings Online


Composer Chance Thomas about his work: “I wrote this song because I felt so inspired by this part of Tolkien’s prose: “Behind him stood Galadriel, tall and white; a circlet of golden flowers was in her hair, and in her hand she held a harp, and she sang. Sad and sweet was the sound of her voice in the cool clear air…” The text follows with several stanzas of poetry, which I set to music. Lots of talented people are featured in this recording. Vocals by Jenny Jordan Frogley. Theorbo (that’s a bass lute) by Sterling Price. Viola di Gamba by Patricia Zwick. Harp by Janet Peterson. Guitar by Rich Dixon. I played the piano and rounded out the rest of the arrangement with virtual instruments. It was recorded by Steve Lerud at Lakeview Recording, I then I mixed the tune at HUGEsound. I’ve populated the video with images from the game world, trying to do justice to the poetry. Some are stunning!”