Chester Biscardi – Incitation to Desire


Great music by living composers. Rhonda Rizzo, pianist, writes about the piece.

“This one had me at the title.  And once I heard Yvar Mikhashoff’s recording of it, I special ordered the sheet music, determined to learn it as soon as possible.  Sadly, “as soon as possible” proved to be over a decade later, but it eventually found its way into my repertoire and I’ve performed it several times, most recently this concert recording.

Incitation to Desire should be played almost as an improvisation–just the same way that the Argentinian tango is danced.  It’s the pianist and the piano and the interplay of notes–sensuous, slinky, unapologetic.  Chester Biscardi, the composer, asks for a flexible interpretation of dynamics and tempi.  In layman’s terms, this piece needs to be played from the senses, not the brain; instinct, not reason.”

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