Vladimir Titov, Composer


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My approach to classical music:

«The world of music is beautiful and inexhaustible ... The journey there is endless and magical!» — my artistic credo.


Vladimir Titov — a composer, pianist, enthusiastic musician, equally partaking of academic and jazz, folk and pop music, successfully performing his own compositions, as well as classical music and jazz improvisations.

Vladimir Titov began his «journey» into the fancy music labyrinths in Novokuibyshevsk town of Samara region (Russia), where he was destined to be born on January, 3, 1984. At the age of 6 he was admitted to music school into a piano class. The young musician’s rapidly developing talent both for performing and composing drew attention of all teachers, and since 1995 Titov became a constant participant and winner of youth composition and piano competitions.

Pianist Vladimir Titov
Music making and performing, bright, sometimes contradictory images and moods of the creative process, inexhaustible opportunities of the musical art as a «medium» into the world of human feelings — all this enchanted the young musician so deeply that his further life seemed predestined for the glorious engagement with Her Majesty the MUSIC. In 2003 Vladimir Titov graduated from Samara Music College with major in piano performance (class of Honored Cultural Worker of Russia G.M. Ryazanova). The period of study in the Music College was very intense due to Vladimir’s active participation in regional and national music competitions as a composer, arranger and pianist, gradually and tangentially becoming the laureate.

In 2004 Vladimir Titov continued his professional education in Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts in class of piano faculty Professor, Dr. D.Dyatlov, and after in Nizhny-Novgorod M.Glinka State Conservatory with the head of the piano department, Honored Artist and Professor E.Alexeyeva.

Since 2003 many of Vladimir Titov’s compositions and piano, vocal and chamber music arrangements have been performed at competitions and festivals of various levels (regional, national and international) by young musicians, as well as by experienced performers. All compositions and arrangements that had been performed at competitions, were awarded special «The Best Composition» and «The Best Arrangement» Diplomas, while many musicians having performed pieces and arrangements by V.Titov received the laureate prizes.

As early as in his youth years, Vladimir deeply comprehended that music is a special language addressing towards the finest human feelings and the best sides of the soul. In mature years the composer would affirm his respect for music with the following statement:

«Music that is created by composers, regardless of its style, should resonate with a human soul, it should fill one with joy, happiness, it ought to satisfy all various emotional demands. Then people would gain deep, genuine interest and love for music».
Further artistic path of the musician is connected with Moscow, where, since 2010, Vladimir Titov successfully performs as a composer and pianist, works as a teacher and accompanist at Moscow music schools and at the Gnesins Music College. The Moscow period in the musician’s life proved to be bright and productive: academic and jazz music concert performances, winning several competitions and festivals as a composer and pianist, among which are the IV regional Youth Jazz Festival «Playing Jazz with Garanyan» (2011), Moscow State Festival «The Best City on the Earth» (2014), Moscow Open Festival-Competition «Tutti-Jazz» (2015), International Competition «The World of Creativity» (2015) etc.

At present many of Vladimir Titov’s piano pieces are included into a study and performing repertoire in music studying institutions (music schools, colleges, conservatoires) in Samara and Samara region, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Moscow region.