Steven Lebetkin





Music is love. Music stimulates the brain in the same way we feel love for others. The human experience is that wonderful feeling of love when great music comes into our brains. It enables us to feel connection with others that also feel love through the joy of listening and knowing that others feel the same way. Music brings us to a better place.I hope to encourage composers to return to the compositional techniques that once made music great. It is my mission to enable composers and audiences to reconnect in the joyful experience of making and listening to great works of art. Yes, music is love and brings us to a better place.

Known and admired in classical music circles for his innovative, captivating, compelling classical compositions and a sought after collaborator for commercial songs, jazz and scoring, Steven Lebetkin has developed an innovative and compelling approach to music composition. Now with his music on the verge of reaching a broader market, his consistent voice embraces an accessible style, whether in the form of commercial songs, symphonic, jazz, or more serious works. Lebetkin’s musical goals are to reach a broader set of audiences through using traditional compositional techniques in western music and the joyous interplay of classical music and modern day cultural media, and to bring to non-musician audiences what makes music beautiful and timeless. He is a classically-trained composer with a gift of melody for commercial music, songs, and orchestral works. Lebetkin was the youngest graduate in the history of Queens College, CUNY in the 1970s, with a Masters in Music Composition. He studied with Gabriel Fontrier, a premiere composer who trained the likes of Marvin Hamlisch, among other compositional masters. He also studied with Leo Kraft, Sol Berkowitz, Hugo Weisgall, George Perle, and others.