Paulo Bottas, Composer/Musician



My approach to classical music:

Equally proficient in either popular or classical music, I’m a songwriter as well as a composer for solo instruments, chamber and orchestral music. Guided by my personal background, I enjoy merge elements from the Popular culture with the Classical tradition. My artistic production is driven by the desire to create and develop a style of my own. When composing, I always have the art of the great masters as a major source, trying to absorb the emotion and the technique applied in their masterpieces. In a nutshell, I advocate for the formal beauty as much as for the feeling evoked by the aesthetic experience.


I’m a Brazilian-Canadian musician with a background in both classical and popular music. My path allowed me to be in contact with varied genres, from baroque to contemporary music. With a formal music training combined with a career as a composer and instrumentalist, I have been in contact with several musicians and artists, resulting in a composite artistic development. These contacts have given a deeper meaning to my profile, which is expressed through original compositions.