Paul White, Composer

United KingdomLincoln

small piano

My approach to classical music:

My music aims to have a direct appeal whilst at the same time being musically interesting. It avoids the intellectualism of the late twentieth century but tends to be more complex in terms of harmony, structure and rhythm than most of today's music.


Paul White was born in Newcastle, England. He studied music at Cambridge University, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and London University Institute of Education. His piano teachers included Hilda Bor and James Gibb. After this, he worked as a music teacher in many countries, including Italy, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Jordan, Switzerland and Spain. He has now retired from teaching and devotes his time to composing and piano performance. His compositions include more than 100 piano pieces and numerous songs. He has also written a book on piano technique, which can be obtained free from the website below.