Neill Eisenstein, pianist, guitarist, composer


Neil Eisenstein

My approach to classical music:

Passion, involvment, excitement, immersion in the music, spontaneity above all! Living, moving, breathing , ecstatic music, where the printed note is only the beginning, not the dead-end, the servant, not the dictator--where there is no one definitive performance, only the moment something revelatory happens!



Concert Pianist



With a style and technique evocative of Horowitz, Mr. Eisenstein has been

favorably received by audiences and critics at recital appearances in the

Midwest and Northeast, and in Germany.

After studying in Detroit with renowned pianist Mischa Kottler, Mr.

Eisenstein continued his music studies in Boston at Berklee College (bachelor

of music) and the New England Conservatory (master of music) under Russell

Sherman, Jacob Maxin, Seymour Lipkin, Ben Zandler, and Randall Hodgkinson.

Mr. Eisenstein spent several years in Germany performing recitals and

teaching. Returning to Detroit, he gave well-received concerts with the

Rochester Symphony, at the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Center for Creative

Studies, the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts, and various artists’

series. He also completed a national tour as pianist and actor in The Phantom

of the Opera and recorded concerti and original music.

Mr. Eisenstein has composed and performed several original works for piano

and string quartets. While on the music faculty at the Detroit Center for

Creative Studies, contributed to the Center’s receiving a national award from

ASCAP. Mr. Eisenstein has lectured extensively in the Boston and Detroit

areas on Liszt’s etudes, the Baroque through Romantic eras, and his own

compositions. He is a spontaneous improvisor and jazz pianist, as well.

"¦an excellent technique and a significant talent flashy displays of

ferocious technique¦"

--Birmingham Eccentric

"It was wonderful to listen to Mr. Eisenstein's interpretation of

Gershwin …graceful dexterity and emotional contrasts."

--Rochester Clarion