Mikah Ezra Laiberg, Composer


mikah foto

My approach to classical music:

Music means quite a lot to me, as it does I'm sure to many. To me, it is both comfort and companion in the lengthy solitude that accompanies contemplation. It is a bridge to the past; it can make sense of emotions that at the time were mysterious, or obscured. Music is not, to me, a mere tool; it cannot be invoked or used to create the same effect time and time again. Music is to be respected in its own right.


I am a relatively young, self-taught pianist, organist and composer who has had the good fortune to perform classical improvisations in concerts, alongside own compositions. Born in Germany to British parents, I was raised, mostly, in a small town in the South-West of England. My tastes in music are generally bleak and ever tending towards the grey, in which I find a much broader spectrum of colours available. Bach, Schnittke, and Stanchinsky would be amongst my greatest influences. Conversely, I find it quite difficult to really connect with the more jolly, lighter musics available.

I find the piano has quite a lonely sound; perhaps this is why it makes such a suitable solo instrument, beyond any mere technical advantages it may have over many others. There is something truly beautiful in the decay of just a single piano note, to me, that most other instruments lack.