Michael Stitt, Composer and Landscape Architect – Senior Urban Planner



My approach to classical music:

A musical style which is a fusion between Japanese and Western Art music. Michael describes the process of his composing: “My knowledge of strict rules relating to harmony and music structure is intuitive, rather than academic. I write music more like a painter goes about dabbing paint on a canvass. I have an idea and structure in mind, and then I go about trying to create it. To a large extend it comes about but along the journey, new discoveries occur along the way.”


Michael Stitt is an Australian composer, writer, landscape architect, urban designer/urban planner, who currently resides as a Manager of Urban and City Planning, in the United Arab Emirates. From the age of twelve he studied the classical guitarist at what was the Sydney Spanish Guitar Centre and later at The King’s School, Sydney, Australia. At The King’s School he absorbed music informally in the life of the school, and often turned the pages of the King's school chief music master, and organist, Keith Asboe, while he played flawlessly, such works as the Widor Toccata, and Prelude and Fugues of J.S Bach. After secondary education, he majored in Architecture at the University of Canberra, but later took a career in Urban Planning.
A brief period undertaking a Diploma in Musicology at the Canberra School of Music, he disenrolled, and returned to a career in urban design. After 2005 he married and moved to the UK, and then to the Arabic Gulf States. Michael actively recorded music and shared his recordings on the internet while living in the Arabic Gulf States. In 2016, he travelled to Tokyo to undertake tuition in Japanese traditional music on the Shamisen. He attend and took part in a Summer festival at the nearby Jindaiji temple, and to take day trips to various gardens and important places in Tokyo, but including Osaka, Nara and Kyoto.
His time in Japan had a profound spiritual impact on him, and no more so is this evident than in the many compositions he has written when he returned to Australia, then the United Arab Emirates.

Internet: michael-stitt.com/