Matthias Bonitz, Composer

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Matthias Bonnitz

My approach to classical music:

I got a music influence early in life in my parents’ house - my father was a church music director, then followed my music studies at the Music School of Detmold, later I played a double bass at the Symphony Orchestra, worked as a visiting lecturer at Technical University of Dortmund at the Chair for double bass, during the whole time I composed.


My compositional output includes works genres like Opera: for the 200th
Year of Death of Annette von Droste Hülshoff I wrote in 1997 the fictional Chamber Opera
"Annette & George", operetta "Gabrielle" after an episode of the young Coco
Chanel, children's operas "Miraculous trip to Esmir" and "Violin Maker from
Venice ", concerts tone poem" Siddhartha " influenced by Hermann Hesse,
"Le Taureau" by Pablo Picasso, "The City" by Theodor Storm, sacred music,
Chamber music as well as settings of poems based on texts by Ingeborg Bachmann,
Rainer Maria Rilke, Hermann Hesse, Yahya Kemal, Sarah Kirsch and Annette von
Droste Hülshoff.