Juan Luis de Pablo Enríquez Rohen, Music composer, teacher and researcher


Juan y su piano

My approach to classical music:

I believe that classical music is sacred. Through it, we can have the opportunity to delve deeper into the creative mind and soul. My approach to it is through silence. I feel that classical music (old and new) deserves all my respect because it is an act of construction and not of destruction. I do, however, have my reserves on aggression and noise, which to my understanding it serves no use and purpose towards aesthetics.


A yet unknown composer, highly skilled and preoccupied with the development of multidisciplinary awareness -particularly in children. His research has tumbled many of the historic ideas about aesthetics and science in Mexican ancient cultures. To this day, the JLPER Theory is avoided by the people of cultural and scientific power since it radically changes the perspective on the amount of scientific knowledge by the Precolumbian people. With more than twenty years studing this theory, its solid results and findings are only available through the internet, yet.

Internet: www.jlpertheory.com

Facebook: @jldper

Twitter: @JLPERtheory