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My approach to classical music:

MUSIC IS ALLWAYS ENDLESS Music is life Music is colorful Music is passion Music is soothing. Music makes one romantic Music evades loneliness Music makes to forget worries Music gives hope. Music can take you ages back Music can tell you stories Music can control emotions Music is always endless…. Poem by Sreekala Sukumaran


Jovan Pesec was born 1946 in the Slovenian-language-area of Carinthia (Austria). He studied composition at the conservatory of Klagenfurt. He first learned classic guitar as autodidact. Further education followed in master-courses by Heinz Irmler and Konrad Ragossnig.
At the same time Jovan Pesec studied at the Technischen Universät in Graz industrial engineering, process engineering and management and fin-ished the studies with a diploma and doctor degree.
His compositions, that experienced numerous successful performances until now, has the main focus in the instrument guitar and song composi-tion.
suite.novajor://once.upon.a.time, man.dra.gora, moon.rain, etc. are composed in a traditional, romantic composition style. Other composi-tions like
zarkos.cry, mare.lunare, h.e.x.a.g.o.n, radin.ovir.waltz,, v.i.r.u.s, e.b.o.l.a, t.a.b.o.o, cauche.mar,, cat.fight,, gilmaranua and the.crab.nebula uses computer aided techniques as part of interaction between guitar, synthesizer and computer.
Jovan Pesec developed together with the German guitar maker Frank-Peter Dietrich during the years 2002-2003 the Jovaluna, a twleve string fourth guitar. This instrument was built using occidental woods and has to be tuned following the tone of the moon (420.837 Hz). A number of originally compositions fort his instrument was designed by Jovan Pesec:, mare.lunare und mare.tranquilitatis, as well as arrangements of sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. Published under the name the.story.of.the.jovaluna.
The project.flute, an extensive collection of music for flute in various oc-cupations, was created in collaboration with the flautist Wolfgang Renner and Chia-Ling Renner-Liao.
Leading virtuoses for guitar eg.: Albert Aigner, Vladislav Blaha , Thibault Cauvin, Olga Dimitrova, Armin Egger, Roberto Fabbri, Quartet guitAR-TISTAS, José Gregorio Guanchez, Gabriel Guillén, Bernard Hebb, Heinz Irmler, Frank Koonce, Michael Langer, Enric Madriguerra, Gregory Newton, Quartetto Nexus, José Luis Ruiz del Puerto, Duo Stoyanova, Al-exander Swete, Andrés Tapia, Duo Villa-Lobos performs his works all over the world.

Compositions of Jovan Pesec are published by
Musikverlag Trekel, Hamburg,
and ... download

Concerts by Jovan Pesec were performed by Ungarischen Kammerphil-harmonie, Burgkapelle Bratislava and Czech Virtuosi under Georg Kugi and by Ensemble Neue Streicher under Peter Wesenauer.
A compilation of compositions by Jovan Peschetz is available online at the link