Josué Bonnín De Góngora, Composer and Pianist


Instantánea 8 (07-12-2014 19-14)

My approach to classical music:

I think the Music is One, provided it is the Spirit of Truth and Universality of which lead to it. The form, whether baroque, classical, romantic or "contemporany" is not decisive if the notes inhabits Love of Humanity. Today, more than ever, we must build a Column of Harmony that connects us with the Sacred and infuse its rays to the Humanity.


Composer and Pianist, Josué Bonnín De Góngora has performed many conerts around the world: Spain, Germany, France, USA...His musical works is publicated by ECR label (Eroica Classical Recordings, Los Ángeles, USA) and his scores are being publicated by AOSM (Art Of Sound Music, New Jersey, USA).
Too, his musical works can be heared in Spotify and several radios in the net.