Jean-Patrick André, Composer

Francealong the Mediterranean Sea

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My approach to classical music:

I was born in a family of artists.
My father was the painter Pierre-André de Wisches, creator of the movement "subconscientism" and my mother was a good pianist.
Classical music has always been present in my life as a composer, but also in my everyday life.

But what is classical music?
I have often asked myself the question of the limits which this appellation might imply.

The definition often admitted is that of learned Western music; thus written, which covers the period from the eighteenth century to 1820, at the moment when the romantic music made its appearance.
Follow the post-romantic, impressionist, modern, contemporary music and cover all genres and musical currents. All these musics are part of classical music. That is to say how much the term "classical" which may appear reductive and in fact generic of a multitude of musics.

For my part, I think that music is universal and timeless, that it must free itself from the dictates of fashion. It is music when it comes from the heart and addresses the heart; in this, it can only be deeply human and it is this music that interests me as a creator. It is also the one I love and want to share.

I had as masters: Eugene Reuchsel and André Millecam who gave me a teaching loving freedom. Both are now dead, but my gratitude is eternal.

Bach, Chopin, Schumann, Debussy, Koechlin, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Korngold, Poulenc are the most important composers I love.


French composer, I play the piano on which I like above all improvise. I am also an author.
My compositions are for piano solo, but also for trio formations, also with voice and for instrumental ensembles with strings or with wind.
I also compose compilations for young pianists.
In fact, everything interests me in music.
I particularly like music when it comes to painting.