Jackie Perks

Composer and Pianist



Music is something that must always take center stage in her life and will never be without it ever again. To quote Jackie, "There is a song that lives in each and every moment of our lives". She vows to continue this musical journey.

Jackie Perks is a classically trained pianist and composer. She loves to arrange covers and composes her own original music. She began to gain popularity in the past several years at her YouTube channel, where she features both covers and her original music. Several years ago, family members urged her to begin showcasing her music, so that is how it all began. She has also begun selling the sheet music for her original music at Sheet Music Plus and a website is currently being built, as well! Jackie believes that music is life and it’s everywhere. It is all about creating a fantasy through music and visuals. She also believes that music is just as important as the air we breathe, the water we drink and is the greatest universal language known to man! It also serves as great therapy for both humans and our animal friends. Jackie began “dreaming” music at age four and asked her parents for her first piano. It took a few years, but they saved their pennies and she finally received it and began lessons at age 7. Her first piano teacher was her cousin, Debbie, a beautiful, kind, and musically knowledgeable woman that made it fun and interesting, while giving her a great musical foundation to build upon. Later, there were several great teachers and the most notable was Ms. Burkhalter, a gifted European pianist that took Jackie through many levels of instruction through the public school system until Jackie graduated the program with top grades. She was very strict and held her to the most important disciplines, but would occasionally giggle at Jackie’s passionate and sometimes silly ways. Jackie loved to be a bit of a “rebel” student at times, such as pedaling passionately through Baroque music or even introducing a more advanced level song into play just for fun. After being a bit of a clown, Jackie would then play the lesson correctly to receive the proper grade. She loved to get a bit of a rise out of her teachers.Later teenage years brought an accident that limited Jackie’s play and the dexterity issues prevented her from pursuing a career in music as a solo concert pianist. However, after a long break from it, her husband surprised her with a piano as he knew that music was missing in her life. It was then that she began to play again, adapting her playing style and working hard through physical issues and pain. Later in life is when she finally began to formally compose the music that “plays in her head” regularly.