J.A.Simarro, composer


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My approach to classical music:

I compose for expressing myself and comunicate different feelings.
I think we can do a better world thank s to the music. That´s the reason why I composed "Symphony for a better World"


Composer and musical producer of theater, ballet, film and television, Juan Antonio Simarro, is currently presenting his world tour of his most recent symphony, Sinfonia por un mundo mejor, or The Symphony for a Better World. Endorsed by UNESCO and the Rotary Club International, promoted by the nonprofit foundation Dancing for Millennium Goals with images by Greenpeace, the symphony takes a unified trajectory towards the development of a sustainable world. The musical piece Cuatro acordes para expresarme or Four Chords to Express Myself, has been played by the University of Columbia Symphony in New York for the U.N.
The winner and recipient of the worldwide prize for Compositions for Peace was given to Simarro for his composition on Behalf of Peace, and he has recently been named primary composer for The Philharmonic of Lisboa, Portugal.
His compositions for the ballet, El Equilibrista and La Malaventura both for TVE national Spanish television and RTVE have been highly successful and regarded. The ballet Spanish Swan in Los Angeles was set to his original compositions, the Ballet Nacional of Ecuador have also used his compositions for original works. His music was incorporated into the contemporary dance piece Latente which won for finest performance in contemporary dance at the LEIOA festivals in Europe. The International Festival of Dance in Valencia and the embassy of Austria in Spain have commissioned work from the composer. His works have been premiered at the National Theater of Spain.
Symphonies that have performed his compositions include: RTVE, Spain’s national television orchestra, The Symphonic Orchestra of Prague, The Philharmonic of Lisboa, The Symphonic Orchestra of Radio & Television of Belarus, The Moscow State Radio & Television Orchestra and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Madrid.
The composer had an important participation in the 24th Iberoamerican meeting of heads of state hosted in Veracruz, Mexico as guest speaker and performer of the Iberoamerican Organization for Youths.
His works for television have been used for the 50th anniversary of TVE Spain’s national channel. And his work Virtuoso was the winner of the televised competition for the Academy of Television in Spain.
He has toured for internationally with Julio Iglesias.