Iván Enrique Rodríguez, Composer and Conductor

Puerto RicoNew York


My approach to classical music:

Asking for the reason of why I do music would be tautological to why do I exist. I write music because is my reason to exist, it is the thing that gives meaning to my journey on this earth. But also, I write music because it is my responsibility to do so. There are voices that need to be heard and aspects of life, our life, as society and human beings that need to be addressed in the way only music can achieve.

I hear music in my head all the time which makes me ask the question; why would I write it down? If it is not to share it with the purpose of touching the human soul as Schopenhauer said: “Music is the most powerful and penetrating experience in man’s innermost nature, profoundly understood in his innermost being.”

I would like to define my practice with the following analogy. When a genuine and loving mother or father have a child, they take care of that child with utmost commitment, with growing care while increasing their knowledge to better that child’s lifestyle, development, health, nutrition, education and overall wellbeing. It is almost absurd to ask ourselves why would they sacrifice and commit themselves to that child as we would automatically conclude that love is the fuel that move the parents to commit to such great technical and emotional task. Love is the instrument that drive the parents to learn, to evolve, to take on the new and further the tradition to raise a human being. I see my practice just like that! It is the love I have for music and for the action of sharing it to others that makes me evolve, learn, connect and maintain my craft. The technical aspects of my craft are and will be always fueled by my emotional commitment to what I do.


Short Biography

Conductor/composer Iván Enrique Rodríguez (b.1990) zestfully embraces an exciting career. His musical interests seriously sparked at 15 when entering Escuela Libre de Música in his native Caguas, Puerto Rico. His first composition was premiered by the school’s choir and orchestra shortly after. Rodríguez’s inner passion for composition comes from his inherent musical curiosity and explorations of sound and texture as he learned saxophone, harp, piano, violin, and vocalize.

Rodríguez received his BA in Composition at Conservatorio de Música de PR studying with renowned Alfonso Fuentes. Conducting teachers include Rafael Irizarry, William Rivera, Roselín Pabon, Genesio Riboldi, and Paul Nadler. At present, Rodríguez is studying his Masters in Composition at The Juilliard School.

While the majority of Rodríguez’s premieres and conducting have been in PR, his music has been performed in the US, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, and Italy where "Madre Luna", a children’s choir piece, took First Place in the 2014 Rimini International Choral Competition. Recent highlights are with his fantasy variations "Luminis," which was the Columbus Symphony’s “Audience Choice” in the 2015 ACO Earshot Concert and its 2017 performance by Orquesta Sinfónica de PR. Commissioned by Musica de Camara, his "Concerto for Puerto Rican Cuatro and Strings" was premiered at El Musea del Barrio in New York City featuring cuatrist Luis Sanz, and Max Lifchitz selected his piano trio "El Abrigo Negro" for its premiere on the 2016-17 North/South Consonance series.  

Rodríguez’ work has been commercially recorded by acclaimed trumpeter Luis “Perico” Ortiz and guitarist John Rivera Pico.

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