Greg Maroney, Pianist

United StatesDover

Greg Maroney

My approach to classical music:

As a pianist and composer, I am always looking for inspiration from the classical repertoire. This helps me compose and improvise new material as well as keep a select set of music up to performance standards. Studying classical music has been the mainstay of my current repertoire, which I love to keep current and alive.


Greg Maroney is an award winning contemporary pianist and composer whose emotionally rich and accessible music is played and loved around the world. Peaceful and serene or dark and passionate, his compositions reflect a life lived in harmony with nature and a profound love of the beauty surrounding him. Greg lives with his wife Linda, and a few dogs, on a small farm in south central Pennsylvania.
“Abundance is everywhere, I am always aware of it and very thankful for all I am given in this life.” Greg Maroney