Georges Gondard, Composer



My approach to classical music:

The passion for music comes from my childhood, when i had listened to works of composers as Ligeti, Prokofiev, Grieg, Honegger, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, Mahler. The discovery of the "Rite of Spring" on secondary school, was a revelation for my musical sensitivity, confirmed by research of other influences as those exerted in Hollywood by composers such as Jerry Goldsmith, Leonard Rosenman and John Williams.


After a few years of piano lessons and an early military service, I have find my way to compose in a neo-classical style. In 1990, I did composed a variation on the score of the film " Accidental tourist" I gave to the composer John Williams, then conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. In 1992,influenced by the composer Urs Brodmann, i done a piece for flute solo and another for horn solo. In 1994, after a meeting with the violonist Kyoko Takezawa, I dedicated to her "In Memoriam for Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Saipan" for solo violin percussions and string orchestra. In 1999, "Tryptich" after three works of Frida Kahlo then "Pluto, the kingdom of darkness" (2000) for the thirtieth birthday of the conductor Tomomi Nishimoto . I have done additional music of documentary "When that the world spoke Arab".Often associated with various projects of composition for short films, in particular for short films such as "Family spirits" (2004),"Venus and Jupiter" (2004), "Dreadful Advertising" (2005), "Revenge" (2006) , "The Never Ever Friend" (2006), "The Time Vessel" (2008), "The Cupboard" (2009). I have also composed the music of commercial for the book of Jean-Marie Cathala " Solo Vivir ". In 2008, I have orchestrated a Japanese song by Yamada Kosaku, of which the first took place with Matsumoto with the Monte Carlo philharmonic orchestra conducted by Tomomi Nishimoto. An "Essay for string orchestra" rises from a suggestion made by Maestro Zofia Wislocka. This part is the natural prolongation of the "Movement for string quartet" in 2008, and of which the version for chamber orchestra was interpreted by the Chamber orchestra of Brussels ("I musici Brucellencis"), on December 13, 2009, then, on October 5, 2010, with the "Ensemble Instrumental de Nice" , under the baton of Avner Soudry.On 2012 have I completed the scores for short films "Ovnivores" and "Evil Date" and "Joe Rayborne on Safari" TV documentary as well as a musical tribute to John Williams.
On March 10th,2013, in Bruxelles, Maestro Kanako Abe has conducted my adaptation on his first film score "Family Spirits" aka "The Lost Souls".
On March 23th, 2015 Maestro Svetlana Dolgacheva has conducted "The Lost Souls" with String Ensemble "TUTTI". The concert was held in the Concert Hall of the College of Music, Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture.